glass suncatcher party

Attendees will create a 4" suncatcher out of fusible glass  Participants will have the option of using clear or solid glass of various colors. This party is available for children 6 and older.  Pieces will be fired and will be ready for pickup in one week.

Cost is $250 for up to 10 artists / $25 for each additional artist.

the fine print
The following cancellation policies apply to all parties: 
  • If you cancel 2 weeks before your party, you will receive a full refund of your deposit
  • If you cancel 1 week before your party, you will receive a studio credit for the full amount of your deposit
  • If you cancel 3 - 6 days before your party, you will receive a studio credit for 1/2 of your deposit
  • If you cancel less than 3 days before your party, or if you are a No-Show, you will forfeit your deposit 
All guests of the party must remain in the party room, unless painting in the studio.  Party room must be vacated promptly at the scheduled end time of party to allow for set up of next party.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic additional charge of $50/half hour or any part thereof.  Finished items will be picked up by the hostess for distribution to guests.  Items not picked up after 30 days may be disposed of.  Piñatas, bouncing balls, silly string, or similar items are not allowed.  Because canvases are pre-drawn, you will be charged for the number you have requested us to draw, even if all your guests do not show.
Pottery painting party

Attendees will choose 1 pottery item from the party room shelves to paint.  There are always 30 - 40 different items available.  There are no age restrictions with this party.  Pieces can be painted with acrylics and taken home that day, or with glazes and then picked up in one week. 

Cost is $250 for up to 10 artists / $25 for each additional artist.

canvas painting party

Attendees will paint a 12X12 or 11X14 canvas using acrylic paints.   (Size is determined by design chosen.) At time of booking, hostess and/or birthday child will choose design to be painted.  Participants will take their paintings home that day. This party is available for children 6 and older.

Cost is $250 for up to 10 artists / $25 for each additional artist.

NOTE:  The paints used on the canvas are permanent on clothing, so please have guests dress accordingly.

Party add-ons

Inflated Balloons - $25.00 / dozen

​Commemorative Handprint Plate - Price of Plate + $7.00 Artist Fee


  • All parties will be run by a dedicated GLäZENFYRE staff member
  • All parties are 2 hours long (Each additional scheduled 1/2 hour is $25.)
  • Saturday start times are 11:00, 2:00, and 5:00
  • Sunday start times are 12:30 and 3:30
  • Weekday start times are available anytime beginning 1/2 hour after we open and ending 1/2 hour before we close
  • Invitations are created specifically for your party and emailed to the party hostess
  • You are welcome to bring in food and beverages for your scheduled event.  (No alcohol at children's parties.) You will need to supply your paper products.  All food and beverages must remain in the party room.
  • A tablecloth will be provided on the cake table.
  • Guests arriving more than 10 minutes after party start time may not be able to participate in the activity, but are welcome to stay for the remainder of the party.
  • Access to the party room is 15 minutes before party start time
  • Age minimums have been set for some of our party projects to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attending the party.  Due to our insurance regulations, there can be NO exceptions to this policy.
  • All children must remain in the party room, except for restroom breaks, unless escorted by an adult.
  • Parties will only be booked with a $100 deposit, payable in-person or over the phone.  Balance is due immediately upon completion of the party.